Airline Travel

Over the course of my lifetime (so far), I’ve had to travel by airline more times than I care to remember. I’ve gone to places I wanted to go as well as places I didn’t want to go. Things got progressively worse in most ways after I retired from the military in 1998. Airline Travel … Read more

Personal Vehicle Maintenance

Most Americans own at least one personal vehicle, or someone in their immediate families do. There are some, of course, who have never owned and will never own a personal vehicle. There are some people who can’t or won’t perform basic automotive maintenance on their vehicles, which is usually caused by nothing more than pure … Read more

Jeepneys and Tricycles in the Philippines

By far, the most popular vehicles for transportation in the cities and other urban centers of the Philippines are the jeepneys and motorized tricycles. There are buses and trains as well, and they’re good for getting across long distances. It’s mainly the jeepneys and tricycles, however, that get people across shorter distances. Jeepneys and tricycles … Read more