Sauce for the Goose

I’ve only recently (within the last couple of years) seen a goose up close. In fact, it was a lot of geese. Some people tell me geese look like ducks with long necks. There’s a resemblance, and that’s about all I can say about it. I’ve never eaten one, and I probably wouldn’t, even if … Read more

Video Entertainment

Video entertainment includes movies and series, regardless of how they’re delivered. While movie theaters used to dominate movie delivery, that’s no longer the case. Television sets still dominate the delivery of series, but they will eventually lose that battle. Streaming video is where everything is headed, that isn’t already there. Movies At one time, the … Read more

Living Expenses

I’m reminded of living expenses in various places by a single memory. My younger brother, Joel, once told me, “You’ve got to live where you’re at”. Grammatically incorrect, as he was always back then, he made a good point. The reason most people suffer from the cost of living in one particular place is because … Read more


A dingleberry can mean one of three things, but the real meaning is vaccinium erythrocarpum, a specific cranberry species. It’s also commonly known as the mountain blueberry, the southern mountain cranberry, the bearberry and the arando. The slang meanings can refer to a stupid or foolish person, or fecal and toilet paper fragments adhering to … Read more

Life Insurance

Is life insurance a necessity? It depends on who you ask. Since life insurance is for your survivors, what happens when you don’t have any survivors? When no one depends on you for anything? Even if you’re leaving someone behind, there are other (not necessarily better) ways to take care of certain issues. In many … Read more

Spicy Food

Up until the day I used vinegar to solve my problem with acid reflux and heartburn, I avoided spicy food as much as possible. If I found myself in a position where I couldn’t avoid it, I was sure to carry antacid tablets with me. Today, I love all kinds of spicy food, probably more … Read more

Medieval Entertainment

A couple of weeks after the first birthday of my youngest grandson, the entire family went to the Medieval Times dinner theater at the Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, Maryland. Our group added up to nine people, and that little boy had a blast. My wife, Josie, and I were staying with our older son … Read more


It wasn’t until sometime in 2015 that my wife, Josie, found out that gout was the main cause of her recurring pain. Well, okay, she also had other things bothering her, but they rarely caused her any pain. The Wikipedia description (from that period) said gout is a form of arthritis, caused by high levels … Read more

Video Games

At more than 60 years of age, I should be forgiven for not knowing about the latest video games or the devices to play them with. All I hear is “blah blah blah blah” when anyone tries to tell me about them now. It isn’t like I wasn’t involved with them at all. It’s just … Read more

An Application Firewall for Nginx

As of sometime in 2022, Nginx (pronounced “engine x”) is the most widely used web server, ahead of Apache and Cloudflare Server. An application firewall designed for Nginx can enhance its capabilities and make administering the web server even easier. While there are probably infinite ways to set things up, I’m going to tell you … Read more