The Cuisine of the Philippines

As an American who’s been married to a Filipino woman for 37 years, I’m intensely familiar with Filipino cuisine. That includes the Filipino-American versions of the same cuisine. My familiarity, however, started well before we met. I’ve had more dishes than I can remember and in more places than I can remember. You can get … Read more

Zram for Swapping on Linux

Using zram is a much better idea than using swap files or swap partitions because nothing is written to physical media. As long as your Linux computer has four or more gigabytes of RAM, it’s even better than using zswap, which compresses pages in memory before storing them in files or partitions. Some Linux distributions … Read more

A Cloud Instance of WordPress

Using most of the same routines as in my previous article, I installed Nginx, MariaDB, PHP and WordPress on a cloud instance of Linode. All the instances are called linodes, coincidentally, except for the smallest one. It’s called a nanode, featuring one CPU and one gigabyte of memory, and that’s the one I selected. I … Read more

WordPress on My Laptop Computer

Days before I finally decided to reboot my website, I installed the WordPress content management system on my laptop computer. I run Linux Mint on this computer, by the way. Some people believe in segregating their various development environments, but I’m not one of them. I never use even half of the memory I have … Read more

Blogging Once Again

I stopped blogging months ago, deleted all the content and turned off my hosting instance. It was a mistake, just one of many I’ve made in my lifetime. An online contact even warned me that I’d regret it. I had a good reason for doing what I did, but that reason no longer exists. I’m … Read more