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About Me

about meMy name is RT Cunningham (obviously), and you may know more about me than I care to imagine because of all the things I’ve written in various places. I’ve had several other websites, but I can’t remember them all. For reasons that aren’t important now, I ended my first “blog” in 2013 and my second in 2021.

I started blogging in 2006 (after moving to the Philippines) and for the first few years I was very prolific. I published more than 500 posts a year. That number eventually dwindled to less than 300 a year, and then even less. I have no idea how prolific I’ll be in 2022 and beyond.

A Few Personal Facts

I’m an American Caucasian male with a mixed ancestry. Josie, my wife, is a Filipino-American with even more of a mixed ancestry, and we’ve been married since 1985. We have two sons, both with their own families.

My first name is “Richard” but very few people who know me call me that. I’ve used “RT Cunningham” as an alias for many years, starting when I was in the military. I’ve been retired from active duty military service longer than the time I spent on active duty.

This Website

Unlike my previous blogs, I’m in no hurry to add content to this one. I have a tendency to rewrite a lot of what I’ve already written, if only to bring things up to date.

There are three things I do almost every day: Listen to music, watch some kind of video entertainment and perform computer-related activities. Blogging may or may not be included in the computer-related activities.

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