Comic Books

I was once a comic book fan, abruptly terminated as such when I was forced to give away the comic books I’d been collecting for years. My family was moving from Hawaii to Arizona in 1977, returning to the home my parents still owned. I had a footlocker filled with comic books and my parents … Read more

A Portable Monitor for My Raspberry Pi 400

As I mentioned when I started blogging once again, getting a high-resolution computer monitor was something I needed to do. At the time, I had to resize my web browser to check the display. I finally rectified the situation by buying a portable monitor, not really designed for the Raspberry Pi computer. The GMKtec Xpanel … Read more

Cooking and Eating in the Philippines

Although I’ve lived in the Philippines for nearly 17 years (off and on), there are some things I’ll never quite understand. Cooking is one of those things. Not just cooking, but everything surrounding it, like all the different words for rice. I understand a lot of the words are inherited from the Spanish language. It’s … Read more

Streaming Audio Files

You can save streaming audio as files to your devices, but not with the usual download options. I can’t tell you how to do it on Windows or Macintosh computers, or even on mobile phones, but I’m sure you can find the information you need. I’m on Linux, and I’ll probably never use anything else … Read more

Gluten Intolerance

Until recently, I didn’t know that two of my older siblings (Shirley and David) suffered from celiac disease. I didn’t even know they were gluten intolerant until I spoke to my sister over the phone after many years. Plenty of people suffer from gluten intolerance without having celiac disease. Certain foods give me similar symptoms, … Read more

Man Cave

A man’s home is his castle, until a significant other takes over. Once that happens, a man cave will have to do. In my case, I can’t even hang on to one of those. Thanks to my wife, Josie, I rarely have any place I can hide out from the world. When I’m staying with … Read more

Constipation and High Fiber Foods

Do you often suffer from constipation? Does your doctor tell you that your serum cholesterol level is too high? The fiber in certain foods can cause your body to discard the things that are causing you problems. I’m talking about dietary fiber, not fiber optics (although I’m sure a good snaking with a fiber optic … Read more

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have come a long way since they first became affordable. Up until the point when Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, they were only used for voice communication and text messages. Now they’re used for almost everything imaginable. What Do You Call Mobile Phones? Back when mobile phones started becoming commonplace, most people … Read more

Earwax Removal

There are safe ways to remove earwax and there are unsafe ways. Most of the time, you should let it come out of your ears naturally. Other ways can cause more problems than they solve. Earwax builds up in the ear canal for a couple of reasons, to protect the inner ear from things outside … Read more

Dystopian and Post-apocalyptic Fiction

Dystopian fiction explores the aftermath of extremely negative societal changes. Post-apocalyptic fiction is a subgenre of some of that dystopian fiction. Both of them cross the boundaries of fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories. Some of these types of stories are fascinating to me, while others are borderline repulsive. Post-apocalyptic fiction, in particular, tends to … Read more