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Privacy Policy

privacy policy Even though it’s totally unnecessary, this is my privacy policy. It’s in place to simply tell you that I don’t use your browsing data for anything at all.

My name is Richard Timothy Cunningham, aka “RT Cunningham”. My website name is also “RT Cunningham” and my website address is: https://rtcunningham.com

Personal Data Collection

I do not collect personal data. I do not use any third-party service.

Routine Information Collection

All websites, including this one, collect and log basic information about visitors. This information includes IP addresses, timestamps, referring websites and user agents. The daily logs are generated, rotated and discarded periodically by the web server software. I do not have access to the logs where my website is currently hosted, Cloudflare Pages.

Comments and Cookies

Commenting is not enabled on this website. Since I don’t track visitors, for any reason, I have no need for cookies.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay